Animating With Filthy Sack (Or F Sack)

After doing something with the lamp model last time, moving onto the next best thing was the logical step. Here I tried my hand at the sack model that I looked at briefly last time, seeing what I could do with a model that had more control but as such was more complex and harder to use. It was a fun way to see what I could do, a longer process but it’s to be expected considering what I was working with.

The animation I was doing was pretty much the same as before, involving jumping since it’s the easiest thing to do, plus it gets a lot of animation principles involved, like ease in/ease out, squash and stretch and secondary action, just to mention the few that can be involved. I’d like to think I could squeeze some more in at a later date, so I’ll have to pay attention to where I can use some others.

I didn’t get the animation finished this time, last time I filled in all 120 frames but this time I only got to 70, though given how hard it is to use the sack model without breaking it or making it look bad, I can live with not finishing it in a single session. I’m at the least happy with this in some minor way, Maya seems to agree with me more than Unity or any of the other programs, so it has to count for something right.



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