Coding and stuff

Today’s lesson was about coding in Unity, like most Unity lessons, but this time it was focused on the 2D part of Unity and what we can do here. Obviously this can be attributed to the 3D side as well, but regardless this is important to know about especially in regards to what can be done. Mainly it was focused on variables and the different types of code that come with the language.

There’s the various kinds that come with different values, primarily to make them work, so it was thankfully basic enough to know what they all did, but putting them to work in the actual unity projects was harder than it seemed. It took me a while to get into it, and even then I’m not too sure, but thankfully everything works so far so it’s not all bad at the moment.

The 2d game is coming along nicely, though I don’t know what would be a good premise for a game yet. With this, the 3D game and the Christmas game to think about, it’s tough for me to focus. At the least I think I’ll be able to do something good, even if it’s not amazing. At the rate I’m going I’ll accept anything satisfactory, I’m not looking to set the world on fire right now.



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