One holiday to another

So now we are doing the christmas game rather than the halloween game, which is fine really. Either way i just want to get into the nitty gritty of making a game in animate already, even if it’s going to be tough nailing the coding down like this. The concept making is the focus right now, not a tough thing to do but not something i want to dwell on for too long.

Since we’re mostly amateurs and we only have a month to do this, the focus is mostly planted on doing something short and simple, which is all fine and dandy to me. Given the rules we were told, i managed to get something together in a short time, going for some incredibly basic idea that only incorporates the arrow keys and nothing else. Maybe it’s too simple?

Pretty much, I like the concept of a single space the player inhabits, standing there blocking off incoming fire. Probably 2 to 3 ways to block, but all christmas related too, so you’d be blocking brussel sprouts, bad presents and grandma’s kisses. That’s it really, though apparently there’s bonus points for incorporating sunderland stuff, so I could throw a sunderland shirt in there somehow.




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