Blown to smittheroons

It’s been a while since i got an art lesson, it didn’t help the lesson was mostly focused on the christmas game but even then it’s nice to have even some of it. The focus was all onto the animation side surprisingly, mostly on how things move in specific scenarios, like with explosions of various types and how a rock reacts to different surfaces as you throw it somewhere different.

It was a simple ordeal as a whole, since most of the episode was focused on the christmas game. I still liked it, seeing the sketches for what a rock would be like on a sticky/sloppy surface was really fun, though it is very tricky to try and replicate or even take notes from. I decided to focus on the explosions, trying to do something like an explosion from an enclosed environment, but results were mixed.

I was able to do a few basic animations, like a very basic explosion with the flashes that would happen with it, along with a explosion contained into a rock, causing it to crack and crumble along with light pouring out of the cracks in the final parts. I want to do more on them, so I might refine on them later. Not to mention we got to see some Skullgirls in class as a study into how shapes morph into meaningful ways, so that made me happy.




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