Start the projecting already

I finally decided to get moving with that room project we were told to do. It’s got to be done by the end of the month so a better time than ever to get started. We were given the choice of either a normal room or a spaceship interior, but knowing my low skill level I went with the former for now. I feel like I’ll do enough to make it passable but really it won’t be mindblowing.

I’ve started off simple with going for a bedroom scene, with some plans in mind for what will go in there. I’ll have to keep in mind how this all need to be UV unwrapped and everything, so it’s going to require some actually well made models and some proper textures, in comparison to my mess of a space ship model from before. I’ll probably be able to handle it.

So far I have started a bed and a book for a bookcase. The bed is going to need some extra thought to make a proper bedframe, since right now I don’t have one, only the bed and quilt itself. The book is made of several different blocks since I didn’t want to deal with cutting all the lines to make a proper model, so hopefully that goes well when implemented into the bookcase.



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