They really like the Pixar lamp

Maya lessons tend to be okay for me which is really all I can ask for at this moment in time. They’re basic enough for me to get and really can be quite fun when nothing is breaking or anything feels like it’s tough to understand. This time it was about more animating in Maya, using the Pixar lamp as the rig for the animation. It’s a complex model but it seems like it was good enough to animate with.

The main goal was to use those fundamentals of animation to go with it, which is a lot harder to pull off when you’re using such complex software. Though the difficulties were there I was able to make a full length animation with the lamp, not perfectly but to a degree I am happy with. I need to do some refining with it so it has room for improvement I hope to do something with.

There was also a more complex sack model available. It was a well made model with a lot of unique parts to move, but it was a lot easier to mess up and break. I want to try something with it but there wasn’t enough time this lesson, so again it’s something I want to do. Overall this has been a fine lesson, I didn’t feel stupid this time but even then it’s a long way to go if I want to be actually good with this course.




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