Ninja Kiwi

I was told to look into a web flash developer and I decided to go for the most basic and obvious one because really they’re the only one I know. I’m pretty sure everyone has played a Ninja Kiwi game at some point, so it shouldn’t be too unfamiliar for anyone. Obviously Bloons is their most popular game series, which has essentially became a franchise at this point. They did some smart choices.

It was set up by two brothers Chris and Stephen from New Zealand. They got their start slow with their initial games not gaining traction. But they made Bloons and by a stroke of luck it became popular. It was a very basic game, essentially being like Angry Birds so really it makes sense why it gained traction, those styles of games are popular. Even by flash standards it is simple, but really it’s still a well made game.

From there they made more Bloons games and the traction of their site grew, leading to popularity, more games in development and expanded reach of platforms beyond mobile browser games, to the point where their games got physical releases. Despite their growing status, the company is still fairly small by game standards, with 35 employees which is respectable for a flash developer really. They are still making games and still actively growing their game space and site.




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