I really don’t know how you animate

So this after effects lesson is kind of a mess and I really don’t like how incapable I am of handling it. We’re supposed to be making an animation out of basic shapes but the whole process to actually getting to use this is just so bizarre to me that I really haven’t been able to do a single thing out of it. Just like before it’s just me throwing anything at the wall and praying it works slightly but so far it’s all terrible.

You have to format the shapes properly in illustrator before hand and then you have to make it into a PDF file but don’t actually for some reason and then there’s a part where you need duplicates of the files and have them as separate layers and then you have to make them 3d and then make one of the copies smaller and transparent and then you have to add a null thing to it as well so it can animate or something like that.

If that paragraph didn’t show it off already I am feeling like an utter idiot and I probably am, so far everything about this has been an utter disaster and if this keeps up I am going to fail this whole special effects portion of the course. At this rate the only way I can see myself passing is being coddled and looked after but that won’t happen and it’s embarrassing that I need so much attention to even understand something like special effects 101



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