Affordable Space Adventures

Once more we were doing things with Unity, with the first part of the lesson focusing on refining our 3d scenes so they could be used for peer review. Naturally mine is incredibly unfinished and basic compared to everyone else showing how literally everyone else on this course is experienced and has done stuff like this before whilst I’m the kid who is way over his head on all this but maybe that won’t dishearten me.

I got surprisingly kind feedback, seems like the usage of a puzzle that didn’t involve finding a key was popular. After that we were focused on the 2d side of development, even though we were told how pure 2d games are rare these days unless you’re a cheap flash game, but there’s nothing wrong with learning the ropes about everything, so it’s probably worth our time.

We were focused on a space shooter game, doing some basic movement coding to put the new information on Vectors to work, which is nice to see is fairly basic for once in terms of how it functions. Granted I know this is going to get much worse from here and I can only do my best whilst trying to juggle my projects I need to do for the end of November. Wish me luck if I even come close to passing these assignments.



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