Getting there with Unity, I swear

Another lesson with Unity and I feel like I’m kind of getting somewhere, I mean I’m far from perfect with it but I can say that some things are gradually making sense. More features were added into the project today, most notably a radio function to play some music and another trigger to activate something, in this case a battery for the radio so the music turns on at the right time.

My main error was thinking I needed another InventoryItem script to go with it, as it turned out I only needed the same one but with the specification that the battery was the key object rather than the key in the previous version. It was simple enough once I’d gotten that sorted out, so thankfully that was functioning fairly quickly. The next part was simple at the least, the RayTracing.

This gives some better control to the mouse, not perfect but it stops it from flying around the way it did, plus I’d imagine it works better when it’s in full screen. However, changing the MouseDown/over to RayDown/Over didn’t work out so I’ll need to see into that. I also wanted to see about changing the Highlighter script but as it turns out I’ve got no idea what I’m doing there, so you know something to look at in future.




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