Effective effects

Another day another program, this time it’s Adobe After Effects. I was fully aware I was going to be looking into this but I didn’t expect it to be something I would be looking at so soon. Regardless I gave it my best shot and even though I didn’t feel confident at all in the start I think I’ve gotten the hang of it somewhat, like in  way that I’m happy with and think I’m ready to learn the next steps of the program.

We were given several different clips and asserts to use in the start that we were free to mess with, all we had to do was change them and see what we could do. It was slow to start, there’s so many options it can be daunting but eventually after getting some of the simple effects down it made sense as it went along, very thankful since I feel getting the hang at the start is the hardest part of anything learning wise.

It was a pretty basic lesson but now I think it made a very good though long introduction into After Effects, with the next lesson promising g the more advanced features going beyond just 2D and hopefully giving us the chance to do some more complex functions. For a session I didn’t feel good with initially it’s a pleasant surprise that it all wen t wkll, though the workload that’ll come with it on top of all the other things I need to do is a whole other can of worms to come.



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