This could’ve gone better

As it turns out i’m still not very good with Flash, though once more I’m hoping that it’s simply down to how I’ve been essentially copy and pasting my assets in basically rather than making the code from scratch and fitting it properly to my assets. Regardless it doesn’t bode well that I’m a month into the course and I’m still doing poorly with these things, especially in my Flash lessons.

Today was all about making the very basics of a game, adding in a player character and some collision for a very basic platforming section. Naturally I was hindered right out the gate with how I set up my scene, but I was willing to try my best with it. Unfortunately it didn’t get better, proving difficult to move the assets into the coded scene whilst trying to avoid messing up the code too much, which I did several times.

In the end my scene worked briefly in my poorly made scene, only for the collision to start messing up making the character warp across the screen. It is probably down to me altering the layout wrong in the single ground instance, since only one instance is allowed instead of multiple, leading to the errors. I am going to see what I can do to salvage this but really I think I am going to need to make a new scene for this, not to mention be more careful and less haphazard.




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