Rend around the bend

Finally I’m at the final step of this model creation tutorial. It’s only a basic one and my final product is an ungodly Frankenstein monster but I stuck to my guns the whole time and made something of minimal merit, so I’ll take this as a victory. Here I did my own render, which was thankfully a lot easier than most of the other parts of the model creation process. Not that it was what I’d consider actually “easy”

Getting the render menu set up and the basic tools sorted is the simple part, the tricky part comes with simply deciding what works for what render you’re making. There’s so many lights and ways to change them it can be quiet daunting at first, but given how my model is already terrible surely there’d be no way to mess it up worse than I already had, so it wasn’t too much of a worry for me.

Ultimately I went with two directional lights, one for the back light and one for the fill light, whilst going for a spotlight for the key light. The back light is a hard red colour whilst the key light is a darker red colour. The fill light is a medium shade of grey, all together I wanted to go for a very ominous look for my ship, but that’s about as ominous as a ship can get for one that looks like it’s driven by Barney the Dinosaur.



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