Flash games are a thing

So for this post I’ll be looking at a game made in Flash and point out the specifics of why it was made in Flash and the benefits it gains from being made in Flash. For ease of use, I’ll give a quick overview of Alien Hominid, a well known example of a Flash game making it big. The biggest example of how it benefits from Flash is just how the game has got around, being ported to a ton of system beyond it’s browser game roots and how the game has been frequently updated.

As one can see from this, Flash is a highly versatile program. The usability makes it easy to do these things, no need to worry about it not being compatible with a system or worrying an update might break the game, Alien Hominid has been successfully and easily ported, as well as had new features added so often that it really makes Flash shine. Not to mention how different third party companies and multiple publishers were brought in for certain releases, rather than sticking with a single company, a sign of how the usability of Flash means that pretty much any dev can work with a game made with it and make it work.

Flash also allowed the game to keep it’s small scope and scale, which might sound weird but it allowed the game’s development to be focused on what there was rather than making the game grander than it needed to be. It’s a basic run and gun game that prided itself on being essentially like any other Flash game. In any other game engine the game would’ve likely been upscaled, or if it didn’t it would be waste of the engine’s power, but with Alien Hominid the game’s scale remained true to it’s Flash roots, the devs always focused on what Flash could do best, like incorporating their art style into the game’s graphics as well as focusing on refining the easy to grasp gameplay that anyone could make in Flash, but the devs perfected thanks to their focused approach.



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