Coding is not easy. That’s a fact I need to try and come to terms with. Well maybe it’s not so much hard in response, more very annoying. Even with the mild leeway that comes with getting code right along with the way you can view the specific line of code where the error is, it’s still difficult to actually solve a problem, let alone get the scripts running exactly the way you want it. Again, this is something I really want to sort out properly very soon.

Today was another lesson in the “Power creep”,. taking our basic scene and adding more features into the mix. First there was a flashlight, a basic tool that could activate a spotlight on and off with a button press. It was simple enough, but the real issues came with the key controllers, where we had it so a key could only be interacted at a certain length, along with a basic inventory system.

This is where all the errors came in, having 3 different scripts just for the inventory to exist. It took a lot of fiddling about and even then it was problems. I’m sure that the inventory doesn’t work properly for me but at the very least the game runs, which is all I can ask for with me being so poor at this stuff. I suppose it’s just a matter of muscle memory in regards to remembering what exactly code is supposed to do, so that might just be what I need to do well with this all.



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