Something spoopy this way comes

Back with Flash, or Animate as its known here, is time to make the Halloween themed game, something that was hinted at a few weeks back but it’s time to make it a reality. Right now only the very basics are being done, with what I assume is going to be the title screen or something like that, but still it makes a good start for what is probably going to be a difficult task ahead.

After being told to make some very basic shapes and making them into assets for the game, we were given free roam to make a scene and do as we please. A simple lesson on paper but there was a lot of thought that needed to be put into, mainly learning new tools by ourselves to make things right, which proved fruitful at the very least, better than my previous attempts at self learning.

I didn’t get to any fancy animation bits like some of the others did but I did successfully make a nice clean scene which would make an ideal title screen at the very least, or maybe a first screen of the game which isn’t so much a level as is a intro of sorts. I’m hoping I can keep up this good streak, since it’s somewhat daunting to think of making even a basic game at this stage of the lessons, so I’ll need to be ready.



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