Photoshop Follies

Once more I’ve been using Photoshop in some kind of vain attempt to see if I can grasp an understanding of the program. It’s getting better somewhat but there’s still a whole lot I need to adjust and understand with, mainly handling layers correctly and using each of the tools I’m introduced to at the fullest extent I can with them. It seems like I’m doing okay for a start at least.

At first we did some greyscale colour work with black and white photos, specifically I used an image of Calvin Coolidge because the History student in me from 4 years ago came back. It went pretty well, far from perfect but the work I did seemed good enough, there was a clear human shape and I didn’t mess up nearly as bad as I did with the Photoshop work on the Maya models from before.

Afterwards we got images of trains and other vehicles so we could warp said images to make robot designs. It was a fun little bit here, getting a good picture and seeing what we could do with the transform tools. It felt nice to do and even though I struggled with all the layers I ended up getting, I somehow got a really good design going, similar to the scribble designs from the other lesson. It’ll be fun to come back to this later.




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