Text about textures

I won’t lie in saying this entire project has been a huge mess from the start. My ship model was bad from the start and I knew it, but even now am I feeling the trouble that comes with a bad model in my texturing, so if anything it helps me know exactly what I need to brush up on come next time.¬†Granted I’m generally not good at anything as it is but it makes a nice starting point.

So I spent a whole lesson being clueless from Photoshop, no idea where to start since I was using my own UV map rather than using the pre-set one. Thankfully I was helped out about it (It was all to do with layers) and then I was off. I kept it simple, focusing on painting and brushes rather than finding texture images, which I plan to make up for with the added effects in Maya in the next lesson.

It’s far from great but that’s more down to my terrible model and equally terrible UV map more than anything. At this rate I’m just glad something is being done, though it’s still worrying that it’s nearly a month into the course and I’m doing so poorly compared to everyone else. As long as I get the effects/lighting/render figured out next lesson and get this over and done with, I’ll be mildly satisfied.





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