The Room is my favourite movie

In my second lesson with Unity, there was a focus on interactive rooms. It’s a simple concept at heart but when it comes to coding and the depth that Unity can have makes the entire lesson a bit of a mouthful to take in, especially considering the amount of extra things that we could do in the lesson. It’s going to be a while to get a hang of coding but this lesson proved to be another helpful step.

Making the room itself was the obvious easy step, as was the implementation of assets into Unity. After adding some components into the pre-set models, most notably a key and a door, it was time to add the scripts, to which we made it so the key would make the door disappear when interacted with, followed up by a script to make it so the key specifically needed to be clicked on.

It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, after all code is easy to mess up with how precise you need to be, but it was a good way to get comfortable with what kind of things are possible in Unity. Naturally what we did in the lesson is going to end up being part of the stuff we’re going to have to do when an assignment is set, I can only hope it all ends up well once that time comes.



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