Such a Lovely Face

Once again I was focusing on creating artwork in Flash, which I haven’t been amazing with so far but is still something I’m set on learning. This time it was pretty simple, creating our own face in Flash with only the tools we’d learnt to use at the time. Needless to say, I went against the curve of the class and decided to make something rather gruesome, which I’m not sure is good or bad yet.

Whilst there was a lot of stylisation going on, for some reason I felt trying to match my face as close as possible was the best course of action. Whilst I am somewhat proud due to the different methods I took to make it look as good as possible, in general it looks kind of bad compared to everyone else’s. Not only is it unappealing, but it’s kind of simple and doesn’t look too professional.

I suppose the main thing I can take away from this is how I feel about drawing in Flash, I learned many different things and found out how I can actually make something competent looking without actually hand drawing anything and only using tools. Mind you I’d still want to learn how to do that, but for now this is a good place to start with in regards to drawing in Flash.



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