Artwork is Smartwork

I’m not very good at art, this is something I’ve had to live with, but i at least know a thing or two here and there. I’m not completely useless for it so to get a chance to do something related to it and actually feel somewhat proud of myself afterwards is a pretty rare feeling. Not to mention how poorly I’ve been doing in general with this course, so yeah it was nice to feel good for once.

In the lesson we spent the time learning the importance of silhouettes in character design and how it can help us in in the art process. It’s very true hard difficult design can be especially when going off nothing, so having some kind of basis can really help. As such, we were told to do some scribbles in a vague humanoid figure and then fill it in until we had a black silhouette, which would give us a basis for a design.

This proved to be a highly successful method of character design. Using the technique coupled with copying half of it then pasting it together into a symmertrical figure, as well as using the liquify tool to change the shape and broadness, there were some very interesting results that I was happy with. I was surprised at how well it went, and I might hold onto the designs I had for future reference.



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