UV 2…V

After another round with the UV session on Maya, I feel like I’m getting somewhere. It’s still not perfect and does solve all my problems like how my mesh is pretty poor and I should work on my model making skills, but as long as everything hasn’t completely broken and I did something of merit then perhaps it’ll be all okay. I mean maybe not but for now it’s all fine.

The UV mapping was all sorted quickly, once I learned the proper methods, but that was only the start of it all. Once I got it started they wouldn’t unfold properly due to them actually being split in half for some reason, I forget some small parts of the model in the mapping so I needed to map them on their own and attach them onto a bigger map, and even then the whole mesh is pretty crazy. It’s not a perfect thing, but all the cogs are slowly working out.

By now I’m working on finalising the texture map, fitting them all into a small square so they can be actually made into proper textures. It’s kind of hard, they need to be big and unfolded but at the same time they need to be small enough to fit in, so finding that in-between is tough. I’ll probably get there next session, but really I want to aim higher than just getting there, I want to perfect this already.



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