Are UV-ing this?

I was introduced to UV mapping in Maya today. Needless to say, I didn’t really do well with it. Apparently it’s a difficult thing, like one of the more tricky aspects to master in regards to creating models. Even then, I have a very high standard for myself so the fact I struggled to grasp it initially does not bode well for me personally. There’s another session on this at least so perhaps I’ll be able to make up for the time I spent dithering on it.

The whole problem I have with Maya as a whole at this time is how I keep on accidentally triggering or activating different modes or settings with no idea how I’m doing it. The UV stuff seems to cause me to end up scouring the menus for solutions and it keeps causing me bother, but again hopefully this is just a factor of me still being new to the course and less of me being genuinely bad.

Really when I got to grips with getting the checker pattern on the model and picking out where to create the maps, it wasn’t all that bad, but even then I worry to the future. Am I making too many maps? How will I edit them if I messed up mapping them? I still haven’t stitched them together yet so that could make for issues too. Regardless it’s not something I consider easy and it makes me feel like an idiot, but maybe I’ll get the hang of it very soon.




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