The Nitty Gritty With Unity

Today was the day we got to have a go with Unity, and a new version at that. Not the most up to date version but it isn’t an issue. It was pretty much the same as the rest of my experiences these few weeks, a kind of crash course into what makes the program tick and what we’ll be doing with it. There was a lot of fun to be had with it and it seems like we’ll be jumping right into the good stuff, so it’s both exciting and daunting at the prospect of what will be done in the near future.

It’s somewhat familiar with Maya in terms of the fundamentals, which at the least makes it somewhat easy to grasp with it’s generated shapes and basic model creation. The real fun comes from the introduction to the physics of the shapes, what kind of properties can be attached to them to add some basic enjoyment. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing a group of cubes topple around and get shoved off the edge because you made them light and moveable.

We got a taste of the tutorials too, the Ball game an insight into what we can make with Unity, and an introduction into coding with the system. We needed to use the built in system with Unity due to an expired license with the usual program we’d use, but it was no issue. Coding does prove to be tedious, but I can assume it’ll get easier once we’ve muscle memorized the basic commands so we can remember them off heart. I’m looking to get more done next time, but for now I’m just pleased to be finally working with something as well known and versatile as Unity.



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