Grey and Black

We were back to modelling again, this time I decided to start over fresh and put my new found knowledge to my advantage, creating a brand new ship. I feel a lot more confident with it then I did with the first one, though as it was pointed out I still have things to work out, most notably the presence of black in my model. Apparently this isn’t a good thing, though the lighting of the model can mess up what looks fine and what doesn’t.

Supposedly having black means the polygons are contorting in an odd way, like they know they’re not right and are trying to twist themselves into a proper shape. This means I’ve had to change a few things in my model, like the wings used to be much more angular. The connect tool is supposed to help, but I’ve found it difficult to use, not to mention it can mess up the symmetry of the model, which is something I want to keep for now.

After getting some feedback in the scrum, as they called it, seems like the main thing to take from it is that the general design seems like a popular one. It’s a nice look to my classmates, though it is a double edged sword with how the angular sharp design seems to mess the polygons up. Maybe I’ll find a way to get a happy medium between the two, but who knows.




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