Presentation Pressure

After a week of work and planning, we did a presentation on the media companies or people that inspire us. Doing this I’m pretty disappointed in myself, all that work I did trying to make it good and it just seems like I did it pretty badly. I’m even sure that I did something wrong, like I misunderstood what the hell I was even doing. This is pretty poor of me and I’ll really need to do better next time.

I did about Valve and their games at a visual design standpoint. There was some interesting stuff to learn here, like how focused Left 4 Dead is in regards to capturing a movie style in the game or how exactly Half Life was inspired with Sci Fi. Even though I found some great information, I don’t think I presented it well or even spoke clearly about it. I’m pretty sure I alienated the class over the games with how I did it. It was an utter mess to say the very least, and I over went the time limit too.

Worst of all, I did it wrong I’m sure. Everyone else explored the history of their companies and what made them tick. I didn’t, focusing entirely on the visual stuff. It was a stupid thing of me to do and I’m going to be sure to handle it better in future. I suppose I can take away that I at least have presentation skills in my voice to back up my flaws, but really I want to aim for much higher merits.

Here is the link to the presentation in question: valvepowerpointpresen


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