A whole load of code

As you can tell from the title, coding was the focus of the recent session. It was pretty great, it was a really basic sort of introduction but it was probably one of my better experiences with something new than the previous few instalments. Once more I feel like I didn’t do quite as well as some of the others did, but regardless I felt confident I’ll be able to expand my knowledge of the subject in due time.

It was mainly a trial and error sort of thing, I took the lines of code I’d been given and taught to use, going at it with the values to see what I can do and how I could use it. Given the task at hand to create a basic landscape, I went ahead and did a decent job of it, in my opinion anyways. I relied a lot on rectangles and probably could’ve used more circles, but I still feel my landscape was worth the effort and time put in.

Now we’re supposed to look into other coding languages to see what I can do there, since there are many variants out there which can be used for different purposes. I’ll probably look into Unity’s coding and how it works due to the recommendation given, though I might see into something like LUA to see if it’s okay, though I think it might be too simple. I’ll have to see about it.



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