Spacing with ships

It was my first time with Maya today and it’s going to be a long hard road to get good with it. I had the same experience with Flash earlier (Which will get it’s own post in due time) where I had a sort of grasp but there was a lot of hiccups that I truly didn’t understand how they happened, though I can only assume I was being a reckless user.

I got into the groove of using the polygons and then we got tasked with making a spaceship. Understanding the multitude of tools was a hassle but I got there in the end, at least with what we were told about. The main issue is using them to fullest effectiveness, I’m far from that stage but hey maybe my luck will change in due time.

Mainly the spaceship model is fine at a beginning standpoint, though it’s not exactly creative (I didn’t use a reference, I simply did it touch and go) and there’s some notable issues like the inconsistent wings, I messed up the line work and I noticed too late, so the wings are somewhat mangled.

Ultimately I do feel happy with this at least, better than I felt with my first Flash experience at least. Maybe I’ll be competent with this soon but I won’t hold my breath.



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